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Decades of Chlorine Supply, Ensuring Safe Drinking Water for Our Nation



Chlorine is a product manufactured by the chloro alkali process. Electrolysis of common salt (NaCl) gives out chlorine in this process. Chlorine gas is compressed and liquefied for the purpose of storage and transportation. Chlorine gas is transported in either in large tanks or in a cylinders of varying sizes from 900 kg to smaller sizes such as 68 kg.

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Our Heritage

Among the initial Factories set up in the 1950 decade, Paranthan Chemicals Factory was established in 1954 as Government Chemicals Factory at Paranthan in Kilinochchi District in the Northern Province. This factory had been brought under the name of Paranthan Chemicals Corporation in 1957 by the State Industrial Corporation Act no 49 of 1957.

Paranthan Chemicals Company Limited is a 100% State-owned, profit-making Company performing its activities under the purview of Ministry of Finance, Economic Stabilization and National Policies.