Paranthan Chemicals Company Limited

About Us

Paranthan Chemicals Company Limited is a 100% State-owned, profit-making Company performing its activities under the purview of Ministry of Finance, Economic Stabilization and National Policies. The Company operates under the provisions of the Companies Act No 7 of 2007.

PCCLs main production factory was at Paranthan in Kilinochchi District, that was operated successfully since 1956 to 1985. Our production facility was destroyed on year 1985 due to the war and we are currently at the process of re-establishment of it at Paranthan itself. The company was completed the comprehensive feasibility study into re- establishment of Caustic Soda & Chlorine factory and PCCL was forecasted to install Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC) and Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) manufacturing facilities as Product – Market development to comply the local market demand in Sri Lanka.

PCCL is self-driven, profit oriented state entity with remarkable Profit & Service growth rate. The Company operates with manufacturing mindset and focus strategically to develop potential chemical manufacturing industries. PCCL was strategically aligned with Chemical and Process Engineering Department (UoM) by excavating Engineering project reports to support local Chemical manufacturing industries.

Engineering division of the company-initiated Chlorine Cylinder maintenance & Pressure testing at Wagawatta facility for avoid exchange of Dollars. Further we manufacture safety equipment tool kit for prevent chemical accidents. Further, we conduct practical training programs to the nation against chemical disaster management.

PCCL has awarded “Compliant Economic Operator (CEO)” standards by Sri Lanka Customs, enabling us to utilize green channel facility for our cargo operation. PCCL audited accounts were submitted up to date.

PCCL believes own competencies by displaying results in bottom line & continuously improving its product portfolio by adding new products to the market as competitive trading company, that will transform to manufacturing sector in year 2024.



To be the leader in chemical import, manufacturing and trading in Sri Lanka.


Our mission is to responsibly source, import and manufacture chemicals to meet the diverse needs of industries, proritizing safety, sustainability and economic growth while promoting envioronmental stewardship.


Among the initial Factories set up in the 1950 decade, Paranthan Chemicals Factory was established in 1954 as Government Chemicals Factory at Paranthan in Kilinochchi District in the Northern Province. This factory had been brought under the name of Paranthan Chemicals Corporation in 1957 by the State Industrial Corporation Act no 49 of 1957.

This Factory manufactured Caustic Soda, Liquid Chlorine as main products and Hydrochloric Acid, Zinc Chloride and Table salt as by-products, using local raw materials. At present, the Company imports liquid Chorine in 900 Kg cylinders and refill in to 68 Kg cylinders at the refilling unit of the Company and Supply to certain sites of Water Supply and Drainage Board and some small scale industrialist whose requirements are fulfilled by the Company.

Due to the terrorist activities started in 1983, the operations of the Paranthan Factory could not be carried out from the year 1985 onwards and as a result of that the company had to import Caustic Soda and Chlorine for the various applications in manufacturing soap, paper, and textiles & for purifying water. Presently, country’s requirement of chemicals is met by imports. A large sum of foreign exchange has to be incurred for this purpose. This has resulted in non-utilization of local raw materials and skilled labour, mostly due to inactivation of the Chemical Factory.

Accordingly, Paranthan Chemicals Company was incorporated on January 17th 1991 as a Public Limited Liability Company under the Conversion of Public Corporations or Government owned Business Undertaking into Public Companies Act No.23 of 1987.