Paranthan Chemicals Company Limited

Drain Cleaner

Drain Cleaner by Paranthan Chemicals is your comprehensive solution to bid farewell to bothersome mosquitoes and pesky worms! A mere pour into your troubled drains is all it takes to unlock the magic within. Crafted with precision, this powerhouse is not only designed to effortlessly clear clogs but also to banish those spiny and unsightly mosses that linger in your drains. Embrace the ease and effectiveness of Drain Cleaner, transforming your drains into pristine, mosquito-free zones with just a simple application. A touch of brilliance for a cleaner, more serene environment.

Active Ingredient –Sodium hypochlorite

User – Pour necessary amount of Drain Cleaner into the affected drains.

Keep away from children. Recommended wearing a pair of gloves while using. May results skin irritation if directly contacted with skin. Avoid contacting with eyes. If contacted with skin or eyes, should thoroughly wash with fresh water immediately and if the symptoms persist, should seek medical treatments.

Should be stored in a covered storage area away from direct sunlight & heat.

Do not use in natural water ways


500ml, 1000ml