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    Chlorine is a product manufactured by the chloro alkali process. Electrolysis of common salt (NaCl) gives out chlorine in this process. Chlorine gas is compressed & liquefied for the purpose of storage & transportation. Chlorine gas is transported in either in large tanks or in a cylinders of varying sizes from 900 kg to smaller sizes such as 68 kg.

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    Stain Remover

    Stain Remover by Paranthan Chemicals meticulously crafted for the eradication of stubborn stains on tile surfaces and grouts. In a market where many tile cleaners fall short, Stain Remover stands out as the answer to your toughest stain challenges. Its specialized formula is tailored for the effective removal of hard stains, ensuring your tiles regain their pristine beauty. Experience the difference with Stain Remover, where uncompromising performance meets the demand for spotless, revitalized surfaces. Elevate your cleaning routine with a solution designed to surpass expectations.

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